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ETCO INDIA has supported large number of
customers to achieve successful completion
and acceptance of Information Technology
(IT), Networking, Communication,
Management, Finance, HR, and Marketing
Dissertations and Theses Research projects.
We hereby present the key topics that have
been delivered by our customers successfully
as a result of our mentoring and academic
consulting services. Please note that these
topics have been paraphrased and are not
the original ones to ensure that the
customers do not suffer due to matches.
Most of the dissertation and thesis topics are
pertaining to Networking, IT, Finance, HR,
Marketing and Management. Few topics on
Humanities, Psychology, Criminology and
Sociology were also undertaken that are not
mentioned here because they are not part of
our primary expertise.
The following topics have been presented
not only to publish the areas in which ETCO
INDIA has successfully supported
customers in Dissertation and Thesis
Research projects but also to present an idea
about the theoretical foundation upon
which new topics can be developed that
have not yet been addressed adequately.
Please note that new problems requiring
research efforts always evolve from the
empirical solutions to the old problems and
hence the world of research keeps moving

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Please contact us at or to
discuss your topic or to get ideas about
new topics pertaining to your subject area.
Further, We also offer you to develop the
"problem description and statement",
"aim, objectives, research questions",
"design of methodology and methods",
and "15 to 25 most relevant citations per
topic" for
three topics of your choice of
research areas
at a nominal fee. Such a
synopsis shall help you in focussing,
critically thinking, discussing with your
reviewers, and developing your research
proposal. To avail this service, Please Click
Here for more details

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